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Son of God by Vsnetsov

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Although various teachings/sayings of Christ are ordered differently in each of the four gospels, all gospels share certain major events in common including:

  • The Ministry of John the Baptist
    • Distinction between Water Baptism (John) vs Spirit Baptism (Jesus)... read more here.
  • The Baptism of Christ
  • Jesus' Ministry in Galilee
  • Peter's Confession
  • Jesus' Ministry in Judea
  • The Feeding of the Multitudes
  • Jesus' Final Ministry in Jerusalem
    • Holy week:
      • The Triumphal Entry
      • The Passion Narrative
      • The Resurrection

Article: 10 Events Seen in All 4 Gospels

Top Quote:

All four of the Gospel accounts, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, share details about Jesus in a particular point of view.

  • Matthew portrays Jesus as the King and Messiah — he focuses on what Jesus said.
  • Mark shows Jesus as the Servant of God and he simply speaks of what Jesus did.
  • Luke shares Jesus as the Son of Man and therefore has much to say about what Jesus felt.
  • And finally, John presents Jesus as the Son of God giving emphasis to who Jesus was.