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On the Incarnation of the Word


- Ch 1 - Creation and Fall

- Ch 2-3 - The Divine Dilemma and its Solution in the Incarnation

- Ch 4 - The Death of Christ

- Ch 5 - The Resurrection

- Ch 6 - Refuting The Jews

- Ch 7-8 Refuting The Gentiles

- Ch 9 - Conclusion


“And here is another proof of the Godhead of the Savior, which is indeed utterly amazing. What mere man or magician or tyrant or king was ever able by himself to do so much? Did anyone ever fight against the whole system of idol-worship and the whole host of demons and all magic and all the wisdom of the Greeks, at a time when all of these were strong and flourishing and taking everybody in, as did our Lord, the very Word of God? Yet He is even now invisibly exposing every man's error, and single-handed is carrying off all men from them all, so that those who used to worship idols now tread them under foot, reputed magicians burn their books and the wise prefer to all studies the interpretation of the gospels.”