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Prayer and Worship is a major theme in the Gospel of Luke[1]:

Luke’s Gospel begins (1:8) and ends (24:53) with scenes of worship.

Three Parables on Prayer:

Reference Parable
11:5–8 The Friend at Midnight
18:1–8 The Persistent Widow (and the Unjust Judge)
18:9–14 The Pharisee and the Publican (or Tax Collector)

Liturgical material:

Reference Passage
1:46–55 Magnificat
1:68–79 Benedictus
2:14 Gloria in Excelsis
2:29–32 Nunc Dimittis

Jesus at prayer:

Reference Passage
3:21 at his baptism
5:16 in deserted places
6:12 on choosing his disciples
9:18 alone, with disciples nearby
9:28–29 at his transfiguration
11:1 in presence of his disciples
22:41, 44–45 in the garden

Instructions/Encouragements regarding Prayer:

Reference Passage
11:2–4 instruction in prayer (Lord's Prayer)
6:28; 18:1; 21:36; 22:40,46 encouragement to pray
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